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We are there when
others already give up.

We offer our customers due to our experience a wide range of engineering services. This includes the development of “Deconstruction Concepts” providing of “Construction Site Management on Demand” and the design and procurement of special equipment and specialized tools.

Deconstruction Concepts

The base for a successful and efficient decommissioning is already set in the planning Phase. We offer our customers comprehensive concepts which they can execute themself, or through us, or by one of our Partners.

Spectrum of Activities

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project planning
  • Construction schedule
  • Recycling concepts
  • Cost planning
  • Cutting- and drilling concepts
Construction site management "ON DEMAND"

In particular, complex demolition Jobs must be constantly monitored. A professional and accurate supervision by an experienced construction site Manager is therefore essential for all construction processes. Roth International is providing our customers, for single phases or for the complete Project, a competent and experienced site manager.

Spectrum of Activities

  • Monitoring of construction work in compliance with the execution plan, specifications, building licence, the generally recognized rules of technology and standards.
  • Definition and monitoring of the construction schedule/workflow
  • Daily construction records
  • Invoice auditing
  • Cost monitoring/Review of service billing
  • Application for regulatory approvals/certifications
  • On Completion: Handing over project documentation (warranty periods, test records, etc.)

Not all tasks can be handled time- and cost effectively, with the available "Standard Machines and Specialized Tools". We design and procure for our customers "Special Equipment", in order to assure an efficient execution of the order.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT - Deconstruction Concepts

Spectrum of Activities


Design and procurement of special equipment


Procurement of customized tools


Briefing and training of the operators on site